What are the mental impacts on children of a marriage separation?

What are the mental impacts on children of a marriage separation?

When parents decide to part ways and live apart, children often feel like their universe has come to an end. In most cases, the level at which a child is affected is different depending on how their parents separated, their level of understanding, and most important is the emotional support that they receive from friends and other family members.

Emotional and character-related problems are common when parents separate. This because kids tend to feel insecure and this makes them act as if like they are little children and thus nightmares and disobedience may all occur. However, responsible and caring parents can help their children by making sure that, they know that they still have two parents who love them and will continue to take care of them. Protect them from the worries and responsibilities of adults and make them understand that it is not their fault if the marriage didn’t work.

When parents separate, they leave behind a psychological wound to their children, this happens because children view separation as a sense of loss of not only of losing their home but also of losing their entire of life. They feel insecure, live in fear of being abandoned alone, rejected and as if the whole world has turned against them and also, they are torn between both parents, even with legal guidance from trusted family law solicitors Manchester services or others in the UK.

Family separation may cause scary and disturbing feelings in children. This is because when a family structure gets weak or broken, it becomes very difficult to impact positive changes in children. Depression is one of the top mental health problems that can arise from parents’ separation. When a child is brought up in a dysfunctional family, it will have negative effects on that child throughout his or her life. It is very important to keep in mind that depression and anxiety, can lead to other health complications such as stroke and paralysis.

Parental divorce and separation are never easy for children, especially those that are still in elementary school. Children who go to school know their household lifestyle and day to day routines, therefore just in case there is an unexpected change, they will question it. They may undergo grief, depression, loneliness, embarrassment and finally anger. Kids in this age bracket need their parents to be together like they are used to and for that reason, they will feel ignored and abandoned. Eventually, they will start complaining of having headaches and stomach problems, due to depression.