Charges for £800m heir as girl dies nine years after crash that caused her injuries

Charges for £800m heir as girl dies nine years after crash that caused her injuries


On November 11, 2006 evening at Sutton Cold field, West Midlands, Edward’s family was returning home after delivering Christmas gifts, having a little girl in the car. Suddenly, one terrible incident had happened. A baby girl just celebrated her first birthday but God had written an unfortunate incident in her destiny, which turned her life miserable. Cerys Edwards was travelling in a car that was badly hit by 19 years old young guy, Antonio Singh Boparan. He was driving his parent’s Range Rover at 70mph speed in 30mph speed limits.

Because of his inattentive driving, that baby girl went through numerous major operations as her spinal was completely broken by that heavy collision. She was left paralyzed and her brain damaged. She was in 24/7 intensive care. She was on a ventilator and caught a virus. After undergoing many treatments and operations, just before her 10th birthday, Cerys died on October 17, 2015, at Birmingham’s hospital. Charges for £ 800m heir as girl dies nine years after the crash that caused her injuries.

In 2006, Boparan was sentenced for 21 months jail for the dangerous collision but then people were more surprised on the court judgment, after involvement from driving solicitors, and he was served with a sentence just 6 months. In 2016, the case was reopened after Cerys’ death. Her father claimed for fresh charges and now after 12 years of this incident, Boparan was found guilty against dangerous driving and charged over Cerys’ death at the age of 31.

The case was handled by the specialist prosecutor and four paediatric specialists were asked to review all medical evidence before issued warrant against Boparan. The police issued a warrant against Boparan. Boparan had faced charges of £800 million heirs for leaving that small girl continuously dependent on a ventilator and then death. His charges were resourced from his parents catering business, 2 Sisters Food Group. Crown Prosecution Service, West Midlands opened Boparan case and revealing a post-mortem examination against that girl died due to car striking.

After six years of struggling, Birmingham high court approved £5m compensation and £ 450,000 annual payment for Cerys’ intensive care in 2012.

Cerys’ Law asked for the maximum sentence to five years for Boparan after causing many injuries to that girl in 2009. Cerys’ father said that the police have worked exceptionally good on this case and he would thank them for handling this case so well. This heartbroken father also claimed for new charges against Boparan. He also shared some precious moment he had spent with his lovable daughter. He also took a chance to pay tribute to the brave step he took to give justice to his daughter.

Specialist Prosecutors claimed this case the saddest case he faced in his life.